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Purple Placements - Your Single Recruitment Solution

Our client centric approach to recruitment means having a strong relationship with the companies we recruit for, this is the single most important aspect of everything we do. By getting to know everything about your business; from the people who work for you, your products and technologies, your location and your office atmosphere, that is the key to us finding you the right candidates.

Our unique formula means that we have filled roles from Warehouse Assistants to CFOs, and we are able to cater for a diverse range of clients rather than focusing on one industry or sector. We offer a Service Managed model and an Innovative strategic approach to the recruitment process ensuring an overall reduction in recruitment costs.

What we can offer -

  • – Recruitment planning
  • – Job Shadowing ensuring writing of accurate job descriptions
  • – Creating and placing adverts
  • – Attracting quality candidates
  • – Building and running assessment days
  • – Running Psychometric and behavioural assessments
  • – Line Manager interview training
  • – Conducting on site interviews and scheduling further interviews
  • – Running the offer and acceptance process
  • – Reference and background checking
  • – Conducting salary surveys and benchmarking
  • – Ensuring diversity within selection
  • – Managing internal recruitment
  • – Pipelining talent both internally and externally
  • – Selecting, configuring and managing technology

Benefits to you -

  • – Significant cost reduction
  • – Gain in time due to outsourced process
  • – Quality of employees increased
  • – Retention of staff increased by 89% (average with our existing clients)
  • – Talent Pooling
  • – Compliance with regulations assured
  • – Ease of supplier management – no more dealing with multiple agencies
  • – Brand Awareness raised
  • – Assessment days designed and run for you
  • – Vendor (3rd party supplier) management


Great people are the biggest asset a business can have. Better people make a better business. We’ll work with you to make your people the best


Simplicity is our philosophy, it looks at an organisation from the customers’ perspective and develops it around them. It adds value to the customer and removes unnecessary effort from the business.



We help business to find out where they are now and where they need to be in the future. Your strategy defines the direction and purpose of the business. It’s the roadmap for everything you do.


The things you do day in, day out. We’ll make everything as simple and efficient as it can be. Efficient processes reduce cost, increase productivity and improve quality.


Planning to expand your business, what’s your strategy? How will you recruit the best people possible?

Why just employ the person who applied? Why not enjoy the benefits of the Recruitment Process Outsourcing method that ensures candidates not only have the correct skill set but also really want to join your organisation.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing allows you to focus on your strengths whilst we find you the right employees. We are experts in recruitment and specialise in you. We want you to trust in us and together we will fill all your recruitment requirements at a fraction of your current costs.

Purple Placements are recognised leaders in recruitment outsourcing. We can act as your long-term strategic partner, helping you solve critical business challenges,not only reducing recruitment risk but also costs.

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